Snapped Keys

Unlocking the Solution: N1 Locksmiths Ltd's Expert Snapped Keys Service in North London

N1 Locksmiths Ltd acknowledges that life is full of unexpected events, just like a broken key in the door. Our Snapped Keys service solves your sporadic key problems in North London. We provide fast and efficient locksmith services that guarantee your needs will be met with care.

The Common Dilemma of Snapped Keys

A snapped key can happen to anyone, often catching us off guard. Whether it occurs due to wear and tear, excessive force, or just sheer bad luck, dealing with a broken key requires professional assistance. Attempting to extract a snapped key without the proper tools or expertise can exacerbate the situation, potentially causing damage to your lock mechanism.

N1 Locksmiths Ltd’s Expertise

Our highly trained locksmiths at N1 Locksmiths Ltd can easily extract snapped keys. We understand the situation’s urgency and promptly respond to your call, ensuring you regain access to your property without unnecessary delays.

The Snapped Key Extraction Process

Our locksmiths follow a systematic and meticulous process to extract the snapped key from your lock safely:

  • Assessment:Upon arrival, our expert locksmiths assess the situation, carefully examining the lock and the snapped key.
  • Specialised Tools:With our state-of-the-art precision tools, we can confidently extract broken keys from locks without causing any damage to the locks.
  • Lubrication:In some cases, the key may be stuck due to a lack of proper lubrication. We apply industry-approved lubricants to ease the extraction process.
  • Key Duplication:If the key is irreparably damaged, we offer key duplication services on the spot. Our locksmiths can create a new key based on the extracted portions, ensuring you have a fully functional key in no time.

Why Choose N1 Locksmiths Ltd?

  1. Quick Response:Rest assured that our team is fully equipped to handle snapped keys, and we’re available 24/7 to provide prompt and reliable assistance. Don’t hesitate to call us now for a quick fix.


  1. Skilled Professionals:Rest assured, our skilled locksmiths regularly receive training to stay up-to-date. You can trust us to handle snapped keys.


  1. Transparent Pricing:At N1 Locksmiths Ltd, we believe in transparent and fair pricing. You will receive a precise estimate before we commence any work, ensuring no surprises.

Contact N1 Locksmiths Ltd for Your Snapped Key Woes

Don’t let a snapped key disrupt your day. Contact N1 Locksmiths Ltd for swift and reliable snapped key extraction services in North London. Our team is just a phone call away, ready to provide the expertise and assistance you need to regain access to your property. Trust us to turn a frustrating situation into a seamless solution, ensuring your security and peace of mind. We cordially invite you to book a complimentary survey with us. We welcome any questions; please reach out.